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Q. Are your board books safe to give to my child?

Answer: YES! We regularly test our board books for All Ages with the independent and certified testing lab Intertek. Our board books are in compliance with the ASTM and CPSIA safety requirements; 16 CFR 1500.48/1500.49/1501 • 16 CFR 1500.44 • 16 CFR 1303 / CPSIA Title 1, Section 101

Q. How many pages does the board book have?

Answer: Most books have 16 pages including the front cover and back cover pages. This gives you 7 interior spreads plus the cover spread. We also offer two books in the Custom Design section which have 24 pages including the cover. This provides you with 11 interior spreads plus the cover spread.

Q. What types of board books can I make?

Answer: We offer three skill levels of board books that include Beginner Board Books, Advanced Board Books and Professional Board Books for you to build your book in real time!

In addition to our design your own board books, we offer pre-designed templates that are simple and easy to make in no time.

Lastly, we offer two adorable, personsonalized Sandra Boynton books. Customize the Sandra's classic "Are you a Cow?" and "Moo, Ba, La La La!" board books for a timeless gift your little one with cherish forever.

Q. What sizes do you offer, and can I create a custom size?

Answer: We currently offer two sizes on our Print on Demand website interface, a square 5.625" x 5.625" board book and horizontal 7.5"(wide) x 5.625"(tall) board book. These sizes are both available when you create Beginner Board Books, Advanced Board Books or Professional Board Books.

Because of how the board books are printed and bound, we do not offer customers the availability to create custom sized board books.

Q. What happened to your 8" x 8" board book template?

Answer: In the past we have offered an 8" x 8" board book, known as our XL board book. We have currently discontinued this book for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers.

Q. Can you make board books with sounds or inside flaps?

Answer: We are so sorry. We cannot produce board books with sounds or print books with inside flaps.

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