Inside FAQs | Image Upload Questions

Q. What types of files can I upload?

Answer: Our system will accept the following file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDFs. If you have a certain file and are not sure if it can be uploaded, please contact us. Please note, large image sizes will make the board book interface load slowly and you may experience issues. For an optimal experience, make sure your file sizes are sized appropriately.

Q. Why can't I upload .HEIC files?

Answer: Our system will not accept .HEIC files, as these are live (in-motion) photos generated by mobile phones. These images need to be saved as .JPGs or .PNGs and then you will be able to upload to our board book interface. For help in converting these images, please see this article.

Q. I keep getting a low-resolution warning when I upload images. Why is this happening?

Answer: We understand the low-resolution warning is frustrating, but this is in place so that you can get the best image quality in your board book. The board book interface will set off an alert for images under 1000 x 1000 px at 72 dpi on full-page spreads. For best results, we suggest images uploading at 300 dpi, but where customers may be using photos taken with a phone or tablet, these most likely have 72 dpi. We understand you might not have design software to convert these to 300 dpi, so for best results upload the original photo was taken with the camera, NOT the small, medium or large size.

If you want to understand dpi better, please see this wikipedia article.

Q. I can’t upload my photos from my professional photographer. Why?

Answer: If you are having issues uploading professional photographs taken by a professional photographer, check to see if the photo is copyrighted. In some cases, photographers may add encrypted copyright ownership which our system will automatically reject. Contact your photographer to find out and ask permission and for new files that do not contain the encryption.

Q. Can I delete images from my project?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, our system does not currently allow you to delete individual images from your project. If you have uploaded too many photos or images, you may delete or remove your project and begin again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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