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Before You Begin

Helpful tips for creating your first board book

Before getting started on creating your book, please save your images into a folder on the desktop of your computer. This way your images are all in one safe spot, and can be easily accessed when working on our template.

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Getting Started

  • Before starting, create username and password. This will allow you to save your work for later. Create an account now
  • Fill out your shipping information. This does not mean you have to purchase your order at the end, this will just save your information with your username and password. If you do choose to purchase at the end.
  • Turn off your web browser’s popup blocker. This will avoid any issues with the interface etc. Not sure how? Discover how to disable your popup blocker. We recommend using a strong web browser such as Google Chrome

Selecting your Board Book

Once you select a book , click " CUSTOMIZE ORDER" at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the board book interface where you will be able to customize your order.

Customizing your Board Book

  • Enter text in the appropriate areas, click upload photo, etc.
  • If you are creating a Simple Photo book or Simple Photo Book 2 (our custom design books) please make sure you complete the following steps:
    • Update your preview Check the box indicating "Yes, I approve this document"
    • Add your order to Cart or Save it for Later
    • If you are creating a Custom Interactive Book please make sure you complete the following: Click on blue shopping cart icon Choose either Approve, Save, or Cancel.
    • Please note that when making Custom Interactive books, your photos must stay inside the blue trim line or overlap it. If you place the edge of an image directly on the line, we will not be responsible for the final trimming appearance of the image.
    • Cover Spread must be 12.13" wide x 6.00" tall (including bleed for trimming)
      Interior Spreads must be 11.63" wide x 6.00" tall (including bleed for trimming)
    • All crop marks need to be removed before uploading files.
  • Save your work as you go. We recommend saving every 2 spread's, that you upload images and text.
  • If you do not have time to finish, make sure to save your work and add to your SAVE FOR LATER section. You will then have your work saved, and can pick up where you left off later on when you log back in. Items saved in your cart will be deleted after 60 days; if there is no activity on the project during this time frame it will be deleted.
  • If you finish in one session, save work and ADD TO CART.
  • Once you add to cart, you will then have to review and approve your template. Once you click the check mark you can then add to cart.

Your Shopping Cart and Checking out

  • Once you click CART BUTTON you can then click proceed to check out, you do not need a paypal account to check out. You can use any major credit card to check out.
  • To edit your project when in the shopping cart you must click the "edit" icon below (pencil icon), and then click "Update Preview" and "Add to Cart" again or your project will be lost.
  • To change your "Ship To" address or add an additional "Ship To" address click the drop down arrow below and change it to "Add New Address".
  • Items saved in your cart will be deleted after 60 days; if there is no activity on the project during this time frame it will be deleted.

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