Before You Begin: Advanced Board Books

Getting Started with Advanced Board Book

Make sure you followed these steps!

Organize your photos

Organize your photos

Having your photos organized on your computer or easily accessible on your phone or tablet will allow for a smooth board book building experience!

Set up an Account

Create an account

Create an account first so you can save your work and come back and edit your board book. It's simple, fast and FREE!

Create account

Save Your Work Frequently

Save Your Work Frequently

Make sure as you are building your board book you save your work frequently. A good practice is to save after you complete a page or two. Make sure you are directed to the Saved Project area and click Continue Design to continue working.




Getting Started

Advanced Board Book Checklist

  • As many of your favorite photos in digital format on your computer, phone, tablet. You can even use images from Facebook!
  • Your loved one's name
  • Special message(s) you may want to include for each page
  • Credit Card for secure payment processing

Once you have the checklist above set, choose a advanced board book from our library.

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Understanding the Board Book Interface

Advanced Board Book Interface

1 - Editor

Use the editor to type out your messages, change images on each individual spread. 

2 - Minimize Editor

Use this icon to minimize the text and image editor.

4 - Add Image Box

Use this icon to add a picture box to any place in your board book

4 - Add Text

Use this to add another text box on each of the pages.


5 - Trash 

Use this icon trash text boxes or other places you may want to delete on the spread.

6 - Undo or Redo

Use the arrows to undo or redo changes on the page.

7 - Duplicate

Use this icon to duplicate items on the page.

8 - Copy to Clipboard

Use this icon to copy an item on the page to your clipboard.


9 - Align to page

Use this icon change alignment of items on the page.

10 - Zoom

Use this icon to zoom in on elements on the page.

11 - Full Screen

Use this icon expand the board book interface to full screen. Press your escape button on your keyboard to exit.

12 - Finish Editing

Completes your editing and produces a final comp for you to review and approve to add to cart.


13 - Save for Later 

The Save Button gives you the ability to save your work at any point to return to at a later date. Also, use this button frequently during the board book building process to avoid a session timeout in the backend of the interface. Saved for later books remain in the cart for 90 days from the last change date made and then are deleted.

14 - Cancel

Cancels the work done on the page.

15 - Page Viewer

Shows the current page being viewed and allows you to select and and move images and text boxes on the page.

16 - Page Thumbnails and Image Uploader

Use this section to navigate between pages. Click on my images to upload all your images to add to the book or upload from Facebook.




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