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Q. What is the maximum amount of board books I can order?

Answer: If you are ordering from our online boardbook interface, the maximum number of digital copies we allow per board book design is 50. Our board book factory also offers custom offset printing for larger board book orders starting at 1,000 copies. To learn more, please visit our mass production section of our website.

Q. How can I purchase multiple books?

Answer: There are two ways to purchase multiple copies of your board books.

  1. From the product page: You may purchase multiple copies of your board book from the product page. Simply change the quantity of your board book to how many books you would like to order, and then continue building your board book.
  2. From within your shopping cart page: You can duplicate your board book a single time by clicking the duplicate button in the shopping cart. This will create one duplicate. If you wanted 5 copies, you would have to click 5 times. The benefit to this method is you can create 5 duplicate projects and have changes to each individual book. For instance, if you are personalizing a board book for 5 different people, this allows you to create one project and then go into each book and personalize.

Please note: The best way to create identical (not to be confused with duplicate projects) multiple products is by using the quantity button when you begin your project, or editing from the shopping cart side to return to the project page to change your quantity. This way if you have to go back and make changes, it will apply to all your books, whereas if you duplicate in the cart and need to make a last minute correction, you will have to apply it to each individual project in your cart.

How to Purchase Multiple copies of your board book

Reorder your Board Book

Q. How can I reorder my board book?

Answer: Start by logging into your account. Once you are logged in, you will see the Order History in your top right navigation. Click here and you will be able to locate your past order. Make sure you change your filter your time frame if you do not see your board book immediately. The system by default loads only the past month. From the list, locate your past board book and click reorder.

Reorder your Board Book

Q. I ordered a board book and there is a number in the lower right-hand corner
on the back of the book. What is this, and does it need to print?

Answer: When you order board books from our factory, you will notice that a small order number is printed on the lower right back side of your book, near the spine. This helps us to identify the book, however if you prefer this not to be printed, we can remove. Please use the notes section on the product page to request this be removed, which we will do.

Q. Help! My board book reorder says purged! Is my board book gone?

Answer: NO! Because we print so many board books, we only retain your files on the website for 90 days. After this, all orders are safely moved to a backup server from which we can easily find and reprint your order. Contact us and let us know your board book order number and if you need any minor changes made. We will work with you to help you checkout and get your board book safely reprinted out and shipped to you. If you need a reprint that has been purged, email us now.

Q. Help! I went to checkout and closed the payment popup and can't find my board book in the saved section OR the cart! Is my board book gone?

Answer: NO! If you are paying by credit card and you close the payment window midway before submitting all your information, you board book order is sent to our queue as received but pending payment. In order to locate and pay for your board book, go to Order History in the top right navigation and you will see your new order that is pending payment. Click the paynow button and you will be returned to your checkout. If you experience issues, please email us now.

Locate your pending order

Q. Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Answer: Currently we do not offer gift certificates for customers to purchase. We do offer the ability to send books to separate addresses on file, so sending your family and friends a surprise gift is always an option too!

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